"Invariably, the software you choose to manage your inventory and the GST has the potential to save you thousands, or cost you your business"
What's different about Dealer Network Systems?:

A NEW REVS Transaction called a 'Security Interest Extract' will be available from the 4th of August, enabling you to confirm whether a security interest (encumbrance) exists against a vehicle, without getting a REVS Certificate.

When you have paid out the finance on a vehicle and need to check that the finance company has lifted the encumbrance, the new Extract is a cheaper option that will save you money. Unlike a Security Interest (REVS) Certificate, the Security Interest Extract cannot be used on the sale of a vehicle, as it does not offer the same protection as a REVS Certificate.

You can use the 'Security Interest Extract', which is a discretionary search, on occasions when you simply need confirmation whether a particular vehicle has an encumbrance registered against it.
Current Dealer Network Systems REVS clients will have access to the new 'Security Interest Extract' through all Dealer Network Systems Software or through this Web Site (see 'Online Transactions' in the left hand menu).